What is iiepassport.org/germany?
IIEPassport.org/germany is an online portal that provides you with information to help plan and pursue an international education opportunity in Germany. It lists programs and scholarship opportunities available to undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying abroad in Germany. The portal is a partner initiative by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and IIEPassport.org.

Featured DAAD Programs

DAAD North America Scholarships:
DAAD North America offers competitive scholarships to North American students for study, research, and internships in Germany, as well as general assistance in finding your way to a higher education program in Germany. Click here for further Information.

The DAAD RISE programs
International cooperation is becoming an increasingly important success factor for research around the world. As a result, scientists and engineers with international experience are increasingly sought after in both the academic and business fields. This is why DAAD has created a number of exciting Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE) for students on both sides of the Atlantic who are interested in gaining research and work experience in an international setting.

All RISE programs are directed at highly motivated students in the fields of biology, chemistry, engineering, earth sciences, and physics. German skills are not always required; DAAD's RISE and RISE professional programs will be offered again in summer 2015. Click here for further information on RISE and RISE Professional.

In addition, RISE Worldwide is continuing this year. German students in the early stages of their studies will be matched with researchers worldwide who wish to engage in a meaningful cooperation with a young German scholar. These German interns receive a DAAD scholarship to help cover living expenses and travel costs. Research groups interested in hosting a German research assistant in the summer of 2015 are invited to participate in RISE Worldwide and to submit project proposals at: www.daad.de/rise-weltweit/en.

Engineers Welcome!
"German Engineering" is a brand name of its own in the international marketplace - and one that many students are increasingly proud to highlight on their resumes. German universities offer many opportunities for international students to gain first-hand insight into German Engineering, regardless of their level of German. Options include the Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE), summer courses on topics ranging from Nanotechnology to Sustainable Energy in German or English, and the opportunity to pursue a Master's degree in Engineering in Germany. Take a look at our Engineering Exchange to take a peek at upcoming workshops, see how you can apply for a group study visit to Germany, or learn more about engineering and engineering education in Germany: www.daad.org/engineering

Interested in pursuing a Master's degree in Germany?
Thinking of pursuing a Master's degree in Germany? The DAAD's database features an extensive list of courses that attract students from all over the world who want to add international experience to their studies. Click here to search our database for just the right program for you: International Degree Programs.

Interested in pursuing a PhD?
German PhD programs enjoy a strong reputation around the world, and demand for highly qualified academics and scientists with international experience is growing. International students can choose between pursuing an independent research project to earn their PhD, or they can enroll in a structured program, similar to those in the United States or Great Britain. Find out more about Earning a Graduate Degree in Germany and a program that fits you perfectly at the Higher Education Compass Germany.

Summer Courses:
Summer courses are offered at German universities in nearly every subject area from Architecture to Molecular Biology and the Fine Arts. Many include language instruction as well as cultural experiences, such as excursions and group activities. Find out more about Summer Courses in Germany.

Links and Resources

Study in Germany: www.study-in.de
The Internet Portal for foreign students and pupils provides information about studying and living in Germany - including interactive elements, such as blogs, chats and games. Furthermore, you can also find an easy search option for degree programs, checklists for downloading, dates of upcoming student fairs as well as the ten short videos "Student Life - Inside Germany".

Research in Germany: www.research-in-germany.de
This internet portal offers comprehensive information on the structure of research funding in Germany, a concise overview of individual funding opportunities at various organizations, and numerous links to funding databases.

Talk to a DAAD Young Ambassador or DAAD Research Ambassador: Learn about Germany first-hand from other students and scholars who have studied and carried out research at a German university. Find out if one of our Young Ambassadors is on your campus or if there is a Research Ambassador near you!

If you're a professor or administrator looking to find ways to help your students go abroad, DAAD can help with publications and information on the different programs and grants available to students in North America: DAAD Publications.

Learn German!
No matter what your current level of German is, there are plenty of ways to work on your German language skills. Click here to see FAQs About Learning German.

DAAD Online Application

DAAD North America is proud to offer a new online application site for several of our scholarship and grant programs. Click here for further information or here to apply online directly.

The Higher Education Compass:
The Higher Education Compass will guide you to exactly the course of study you're looking for - or simply help you find out more about a university you may be interested in attending. Click here to Find the Right University for You.

University Rankings:
Together with the Center for Higher Education Development and the weekly news magazine Die Zeit, DAAD now offers you the most comprehensive and detailed university rankings in Germany. Click here to find out more about German University Rankings.

What is DAAD?
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers funding to students and faculty in higher education, providing financial support to over 100,000 individuals per year through highly-competitive scholarship programs. It also represents the German higher education system abroad, promotes Germany as a research destination, and helps build ties between academic institutions around the world. For more information about DAAD visit www.daad.org.
Current News

DAAD Undergraduate Bloggers in Germany
Every week we have international students sharing the latest news in their lives on this blog. Read what they have to say at DAAD - Our Bloggers.

New Grants Booklet Available
The issue of DAAD's "Grants for Study and Research in Germany" brochure is available for download! Also take a look at our other publications for useful information on study and research opportunities in Germany. Click here for the New Grants Booklet.

Profiles of Grant Recipients
Want to learn more about past scholarship recipients? Click here for more info: DAAD Undergrad Profiles.

DAAD Alumni Network
This brand new site was created for American and Canadian DAAD alumni, as well as DAAD alumni currently living in the US and Canada. Stay in touch will fellow alumni in North America by searching the membership directory or participate in an alumni event near you. For further information about regional alumni groups in North America, and other activities and opportunities former DAAD grant recipients can get involved in, please visit DAAD Alumni Network.