Academic Program International (API) at Trinity College Dublin

Academic Programs International (API)
Jeramy Johnson
301 Camp Craft Rd, Ste 100
Austin, TX  78746-6501
Phone: (512) 600-8900
Fax: (512) 600-8999


Europe: Ireland: Dublin

Host Institution: Trinity College Dublin

Dates: Jan-May, Aug-Dec, Aug-May

Subject: Biochemistry, Business Administration, Chemistry, Communications, Economics, Education And Teaching, Engineering, Humanities, Irish Studies, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science And Politics, Religion And Theology

Level: Juniors, Seniors, Graduates
Requires: 3.30 GPA, letter of recommendation; good acad standing at home inst

Undergrad Credit: Available
Undergrad: 12-15 per sem
Grad Credit: Available
Document Awarded: Transcript

Overall Program Costs: $20,800-$23,300 per sem, $40,500-$42,600 per yr
Cost Include: Cell Phone, Cultural Activities, Evacuation Insurance, Excursions, Health And Safety, Housing Included, Insurance Included, On-Site Director, On-Site Services, Pre-Departure Services, Tuition
Nonrefundable fee
Cost Range: $15,000 And Over Not Including Intl Travel

Instruction Language: English
Format: Lecture, Seminar
Students: US & International & Host Country

Housing Arrangement: Arranged By Program
Housing Type: Apartments

Deadline: Apr 1 for fall/yr, Sep 15 for spring

Other Info:
Orientation Location: In US & Abroad
Activities: Cultural Events Activity, Excursions Activity, Field Trips Activity, Program Travel Activity
Misc: Full-time resident dir; intl excursion.
Financial Aid: Scholarships
May Contact Former Participant