Caravan Al Sham Summer Immersion Program in Damascus

Caravan Al Sham
Marisa Al Raja Customer Svc
170 N Euclid Ave
Oak Park, IL  60302
Phone: 708-250 3837
Fax: 708-383 0025
Middle East and North Africa: Syria

Host Inst.: Univ of Damascus

Dates: Jun-Aug

Subject: Arabic language, Arabic studies

Level: Adults
Requires: must be first visit to Israel

Undergrad Credit: Avail
Grad Credit: Avail
Document Awarded: certificate

Overall Program Costs: $2,884 for one course, $3,886 for 2 courses
Cost Include: housing included, lang courses, placement fee, registration, some materials, staff support, tuition, visa fee
Nonrefundable fee
Cost Range: $2,500 to $5,000 not incl intl travel

Instruction Language: Arabic
Format: Lang study
Students: US & intl

Housing Arrangement: Arr by pgm
Housing Type: apts with local students, homestays

Deadline: Mar 20

Other Info:
Year Program Began: 2008
Orientation Location: abroad
Orientation Description: walking tour of Damascus
Activities: cultural events activity, excursions activity
Misc: Private tutors avail.
Financial Aid: scholarships
May Contact Former Participant